In Everything

Today I was driving along in my car and praying in my head.  Sometimes I do that.  When I’m alone.  I talk to God about the things I’m thinking about and the things I need His help with.

Today though, I was praying about needing His presence.  Needing to know that He is near.  Needing His reassurance that He is with me.  You know those times when for no specific reason at all you just need to know that He hears you?

As I drove, I was thinking about how sometimes it’s easy to know He is near.  It’s easy to feel His presence.  Other times it feels that there is a world of separation.  I thought,  I need to know you’re near Lord.  Then my thoughts quieted.

I had the urge to turn on the radio.  The station started playing Metallica…”so close no matter how far, couldn’t be much more from the heart, forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters….”  Suddenly I was hearing the lyrics differently than I had ever heard them before.  I knew the words but I hadn’t connected them to anything.  They hadn’t had any meaning to me.  Until now.

As I drove and listened I thought how strange it was to hear a song like this by this band, this Heavy Metal Band.  A band I had listened to more times than I could remember.  When I think of Metallica I certainly don’t think of God.  Until now.

When I got home I looked up the lyrics and the meaning and the explanation that the band gave for writing the song.   I was surprised that other people had related this song to connecting with their “Higher Power”.    It struck me as odd that I never had.  Until now.

It occurred to me, something I have instinctively known, something I was now experiencing,  He is in everything.  He is even in the lyrics of a Metallica song.  I reflected on how when we spend time learning about Him, we start to see Him in ways we never had before.  Ways that are personal.  Ways that someone else would ignore.  I had ignored.  Until now.  I thought of a picture I took of the ocean as the tide was going out.  When I got home and looked at it, I saw a surprise, the shoreline along with the ocean receding had created a heart.  He was in the timing.  I reflected back on all the good and bad in my life.  ALL of it, everything has lead to this place.  The good and the bad and God was in it all.  In hindsight I can see He was.  Looking forward I am confident He Is.  And Nothing else matters.



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