Hello.  Thank you for stopping in.  I hope you will spend some time finding out what we’re all about here at River Barn Farm.  

The desire to create this space came when I discovered the encouragement and inspiration I received while working with teens impacted my life more than it did theirs.  

The time spent with them forced me to take a meaningful look at myself, my life, and my beliefs.  Through the experience I was given the gift of clarity.  Clarity to take action and persue my dream.   This website is a part of that dream.  There were times I wanted to quit, there were times I wanted to cry, I did cry, there were times I wanted to stay in bed with my comforter over my head afraid of what I might have to face for that day.  I was stretched and way out of my comfort zone.  But I kept going.  I built relationships with amazing individuals and continue to hold them dear to my heart.  Our crazy crowd became a family and it was a special bond shared.

That’s what Inspirations from River Barn Farm is about.  We’re about family, friends, hope, a shoulder to cry on, a word of encouragement and a pinch of inspiration.

 Please keep stopping by, I hope this will be a place you’ll be drawn to for encouragement, personal growth, and guidance as you navigate the waters of life.  I hope you discover your purpose and Faith along the way.

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